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Offcom Pty Limited was founded in 1979 by Norman Young, whose experience in the office equipment and computer industry began in 1967. Offcom, a fully Australian owned and funded company, has vast experience in the fields of telecommunications, office automation and systems development.

The diverging technologies of communications and Office automation in the early 70's resulted in OFFice COMmunications (OFFCOM) Pty Ltd becoming a reality.

Offcom provided services to most Australian Government departments, both Telstra and Optus, as well as exporting its software and hardware products for Telex and Message switching as well as a range of communication software products and web page designs.

Offcom Pty Limited was a specialist data communications company, providing Australian and imported communications hardware, software, networks and manufacturing unique devices. Offcom provided consulting in the area of Telecommunications, from telex networks, fax and e-mail, through to ISP's and Satellite Data Communications.

Offcom also specialised in the support of Retail Bookstores and all their communication and network requirements while supporting front of shop Point of Sale and back room requirements.

Today Offcom operates as a support company only for home user networks, email and systems support with no commercial customers.

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61-0427 161 831
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PO Box 6292, Frenchs Forest DC
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